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Combined Board Meetings Are Twice As Nice

June 9, 2023 - Rotary Club of Pago Pago's current and incoming board members met for the last board meeting of the year. The group met at the home of Billy & Lenita Young to handle end-of-year business which included having the current board report to incoming members on club projects. The meeting was followed by a social gathering which included many other club members. Dinner & fellowship flowed like wine which was also present in abundance.

One final order of business for the club includes thanking all the people and organizations who have supported the club's work throughout the Rotary year. The flyer below was published to that effect.

Current board members are:

  • Katrina Mariner - President

  • Cherith Soliai - Vice President

  • Raymond David - Secretary & Membership Chair

  • Billy Young - Treasurer

  • Dave Buehler - International Service Chair

  • Joey Cummings - Youth Service Chair

  • Agnes Polu - Community Service Chair

  • Julia Meredith - Vocational Service Chair

  • Moeroa Hardman - Fundraising Chair

  • Rob Hardman - Sergeant-at-Arms

  • Frank Barron - Area Governor

The incoming board consists of:

  • Cherith Soliai - President

  • Moeroa Hardman - Vice President

  • Jacquie Hall

  • Danielle King

  • Agnes Polu

  • Faafua Cummings

  • Peter Crispin

  • Leilani Tilo

(This list is incomplete and will be updated.)

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