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Rotary Music Club Hits All The Right Notes

Rotary Club of Pago Pago is making music with it's new Ukulele Orchestra! When members expressed interest in learning to play, President Cherith Soliai arranged for ukulele lessons to be held after each Friday afternoon meeting.

"They are fantastic. Like fish in water! There's nothing like a little music to bring a smile to your face," said teacher Rotarian Joey Cummings.

The club has assembled a song book; culled from the many ukulele resources available online. There are 12 songs in the book thus far with plans to add many more as interest and talents develop. Copies of all the songs are available HERE.

The Ukulele Orchestra plans to make it's debut public performance on March 15th at a Rotary social dinner to be held at Roy & Jackie Hall's residence.

All Rotarians and friends of Rotary are welcome to join. Lessons are free of charge. Bring your own instrument.

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