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The Coronation of Queen Cherith

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

July 1st, 2023 - The Rotary Club of Pago Pago's annual changeover night was a regal affair. The club met at Cecilia's restaurant to farewell the old board and welcome the new. See the article, photos and video below.

Incoming President Cherith Soliai was greeted as a Queen complete with a procession, and coronation by Archbishop Peter Tinitali. Duties for the Vailima Queen’s Guard were handled by Richard Quintana and Justin Tuiasosopo and the Men In Waiting were Raymond David and McCann Utu. The Royal Decree was read by Danielle King.

Afterward, Cherith gave remarks to the club before introducing the Rotary theme for the year and announcing the new board.

  • Cherith Soliai - President

  • Moeroa Hardman - Vice President

  • Jackie Hall - Secretary

  • Raymond David - Treasurer

  • Peter Crispin

  • Danielle King

  • Leilani Tuamoheloa-Tilo

  • Faafua Cummings

  • Agnes Polu - Seargeant at Arms

  • Katrina Mariner - Immediate Past President

  • Frank Barron - Area Governor

Cherith Soliai is the 53rd President of the Rotary Club of Pago Pago. She referenced Rotary International's theme for the year Create Hope In The World during her coronation speech.

"Our focus for the year will be, first, to have fun doing what we do out in the community. If you have a passion for helping others, then you will definitely have fun. Second, look after each other; meaning have respect for your fellow Rotarians and enjoy each other's company. Then, of course, when we have those two together we can then go out and create hope in the world. Malo. Fa'afetai."

President of club gives a speech while dressed in royal robes and crown.
President Cherith Soliai addresses the club.

Man holds microphone and martini while entertaining a crowd.
Royal Master of Ceremony Rob Hardman

Earlier in the program, outgoing President Katrina Mariner gave farewell comments and presented gifts to the outgoing board members including a special trophy for Raymond David as Rotary Club of Pago Pago's Rotarian of the Year. In addition, Moeroa received a Service Above Self award for outstanding fundraising efforts.

The evening was planned by the Changeover Committee which was organized by incoming Vice President Moeroa Hardman. Master of Ceremony duties were capably and hilariously handled by Rob Hardman.

The festivities included live music by Maestro Ulale who welcomed Rotary members to serenade the group. This slowly evolved into the group dancing away the remainder of the evening.

Photo credits belong to McCann, Max and many others who shared images from the event.

An account of the festivities is also shared on American Samoa news site

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