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Sweet Dreams Delivered: Rotary Donates Beds to Hope House

Residents of Hope House are guaranteed a good night's sleep on new beds donated by Rotary Club of Pago Pago.

The club presented five new adjustable electric hospital bedson January 22nd, 2024. The residents of Hope House along with Hope House Chairman Larry Sanitoa gathered to receive the donation at a short ceremony in the atrium.

Chairman Sanitoa remarked, "Hope House has been around for 30 years, and I think that's when our partnership with Rotary started. You have always been here for us. Every year you will come about asking us exactly what we need. The special chairs or whatever materials and equipment. You have done so much for other special needs in our community. And for that, we are sincerely grateful, and we appreciate that. We recognize this to be close to $7,000 worth of donations that you have given. Please convey to your fellow Rotary members how much we appreciate your blessings every year."

RCPP President Cherith Soliai was on hand with Rotarians Moaroa Hardman, Danielle King and Agnes Polu. Many other Rotarians pitched in shipping and assembling the beds; including Billy Young, Peter Crispin, Margie Tafiti, Ziggy Vollrath, Natalia Palamo and Tiara Drabble.

President Cherith said, "We wish the very best for all Hope House residents throughout 2024. Thank you for the opportunity to play this small part in the work you do every day."

Hope House is American Samoa's only home for the eldery and those with severe disabilities. While the facility is operated under the umbrella of the Catholic Diocese of American Samoa, it is welcoming to people of any age or faith. That is why Hope House and it's staff are so loved and supported by the community.

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